Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm done! I cast off last Friday, blocked Monday, and today I tried it on!

I'm happy with the depth of the neckline and I think I could wear it without a tshirt under it. The sleeves are actually a bit too tight despite my trying to block them wider - which is ironic because I was worried that my gauge was too fat there. The rest of it fits nicely, however, and I think I could get away with just a camisole under it because the Palette yarn is softer to the touch than the real shetland.

I agree with whoever on Ravelry said they had a slight problem with pooching in front where the raglan seams meet the neckline - I think it is the nature of the way the pattern is put together, and it's not very noticeable when being worn.

I did two fewer rows of ribbing on the neckband because I was down to the last couple of yards of Garnet Heather and I was not about to order another ball! If you want to make ANY size other than 35 inch you will need two balls of Palette in that color.

If I were to do it again I would knit one more round with black before setting the neck steek, as I think it looks slightly odd to have the gold blend up into the neckband like that - it needs the extra row of black to finish off the horizontal band there. I might also make a size larger - I am kind of uninterested in floppy sweaters these days but I am afraid I will find it too slim once I get wearing it. It's supposed to be chilly here tomorrow, so I might try it out with just a camisole under it and see how it fits when worn that way.

I enjoyed this project a lot, and I made a TON of use of the charts that Debbie made - I took the time to make myself chart pages for the front body above the armholes so that I could map out my neckline decreases, and also for the sleeves. I couldn't have knit this half so comfortably if I was trying to use the book charts. Thanks Debbie!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've done two repeats of my Autumn Rose and I think it's going to be too small (Yes, I did swatch and I tried it on after I'd knitted the rib). I'm knitting the 41" size and would like to some measurements to help me decide whether to frog and start again (I could always turn what I've already done into a handbag). It would also be useful to have a hip, waist and chest measurement to help me decide what to do.