Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gauging the gauge

I got gauge -- both row and stitch gauge! I used size US 4 needles. I'm a tight knitter and I knew the US 2's called for in the pattern would be too small for me. I know that row gauge is critical for a raglan sweater, so I was really sweating it. (If I couldn't get row gauge, then this was not going to be a project for me.)
I really like the jewel tones of the green, blue, and red.
I'm almost ready to cast on. I love the look of corrugated ribbing, but I think I'll go down a needle size or two for that part.


Sneaksleep said...

Woo hoo for gauge! I'm worried about that too. I had to buy the size 2's called for in the pattern, so hopefully they'll work for me. The colors are lovely!

fpad said...

Hi Karen - your colours are absolutely lovely. I'd like to make this sweater next but I much prefer how YOUR colours look. Is it just a photography trick, or did you make substitutions?

I realize that all photography renders colours slightly differently, so I thought I would check