Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In love indeed...

Hello! I am so excited to get started on this knitalong. I am purchasing the pattern and yarn this evening or tomorrow, I hope, and I aim to cast on at the beginning of September (once I've completed the Mystery Stole 3 knitalong- which surely I will have done by then!). I have knit a few fair isle stockings and little projects, but this will be my very first fair isle sweater. Scary! Fun! I am extremely pleased to know that it is all charted, meaning I won't have to keep track of shaping separately from the fair isle. This is by no means a true beginner project, but I think I am up to the challenge.

I do have a question for those of you with the schematics already- or consider it a request for your knitterly advice. I am torn between two sizes, and there is a significant difference in kit cost depending on which I choose.

Arguing for the smaller size (37), this is a very form fitting sweater. I wouldn't want to knit something that will be loose. I envision wearing it with a little silk or cotton cami, for work and for play. In general, I choose to knit a size 36-38, depending on the pattern. I believe my Bobble Blue was a 36, for example.

On the other hand, the larger size (39) is much closer to my actual bust measurement, and I know that with the fair isle this will be a much heartier fabric and not as forgiving as a simple stockinette, or stretchy like a rib or cable pattern.

How did you select your size? What sort of ease do you think is built in? I welcome your comments! I'm leaning towards knitting the 37, but purchasing the yarn for the 39- worst case, I'll have extra and can make some of the cute mitts Eunny designed.


Sneaksleep said...

I know what you mean about the sizing dilemma. My bust measurement falls exactly between two sizes as well. I chose the smaller one, but for me the amount of yarn I have to order is the same, so I can always start over and still know I won't run out of yarn. Wish I could be more helpful, but all I can tell you is that as a busty person who is not really overweight, I plan to opt for the smaller size.

jennsquared said...

Welcome! And I also have a dilemma, but a little opposite of yours... I am petite and my bust size is around 32... hmmm 37? I am hoping that I will be able to wear the 37 and won't be too big on me! I like your idea of getting more yarn start with the smaller size though. I looked at it this way - woo more yarn for other projects!!! FUN!

mamacate said...

I'm in a similar boat. I have an underbust measurement of 35", an overbust measurement of 37", and a full bust measurement of 42". This means I go baggy or I go busty unless I do shaping. This sweater already has shaping, so I hoped that it might work.

This is probably exceedingly optimistic, but I'm thinking of extending the side shaping on the front only to increase the front sizing. I'd love to do short rows, but can't begin to figure out how I'd manage these in a fair isle pattern like this. I don't have my book and yarn yet (they're in the mail!), but when I do I'll post again with a better idea of how possible this will be. If it looks like I can do this well, I'll do it on the size 39. If it doesn't look like it will work, I'll knit the 41. Can't really hurt to have too much yarn, so I bought the larger size kit.

Mikaiya said...

Everyone's been of great help! I'm really in a similar boat to Mamacate in terms of rotten personal size- under bust is 32, full bust is 40, and over is 37. Makes fitting ever so fun!

I'm thinking I will purchase the larger size, and spend a little more time thinking about which one to make.