Saturday, September 1, 2007



I have officially begun my Autumn Rose pullover but I guess mine is more of a summer tide than and Autumn Rose, LOL! It took me two days to do the 15 rows of corrugated ribbing. I sure am glad that's over. I've started working on the pattern using two hands with one color to either side of myself. Seems to be going a lot faster. I think it was the purl stitch in the ribbing that was really slowing me down.

So far the tension on the ribbing is looking pretty good. I'm hoping to keep that up as I move on to the body. Wish me luck!


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ETA: Tension not going so well on the body stitches. For some reason I've gotten really loose. I'm going to put summer tide to the side for today while I look up some other two color knitting techniques. Maybe I should have chosen something a little less ambitious for my first time out *smile*

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Knittings Nice! said...

Thats looking brillkiant so far and the colour is gorgeous.