Sunday, October 7, 2007

OK, another newbie question

Thanks for the help with my last question! I totally get the yarn dominance thing now. But... now I have another question (you'll never get rid of me now, he he).

I've finished the ribbing and am on the first row that uses two colors of black and old gold. My question: Is the medallion pattern supposed to work out evenly over the seams? I'm knitting the smallest size and I ended up about 1/4 way through a medallion at the side seam. How is that going to work out properly? Am I missing something here?



Mona said...

It's not gonna work out. Because it's not possible for it to work out if you're making the waist decreases and increases. If you look carefully at the picture in the book, the one of the front of the model, you'll see it not working out at the hip.

otismurph said...

Thanks Mona, I feel better. I couldn't really tell from the picture in the book since it's a bit blurry.

Funny that this never even occurred to me before I started the pattern!