Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello again!


I received the yarn and the book last saturday. I have been working on it everyday since.

It's the first time I work with the Spindrift and to tell the truth it broke twice when I was casting on (when I had only a few more stiches to CO). No problems since but I nearly went crazy.
Am I the only one?

Another question : how to know if I have enough yarn to increase the sleeves length?


Mona said...

One way to tell is by weight. You'd have to weigh the sweater and then calculate how many grams of yarn you're using per square inch. Because it's the same pattern all over, that should work ok. Or you can look at the yarn requirements for the next size up or down-- if it's possible to make the next bigger size without buying an extra ball, that means you'd have some left over.

The great thing about a KAL is that people will often send you their extras if you get in a pinch.

Skimo said...

Thank you for your answer.

I am allready knitting the bigger size and I will try to weight the body part I have just finished.
Cross my finger.

Esilenna said...

Though I never had any of the yarn break, it was awfully close sometimes. Some of the Spindrift colours I received seemed unevenly spun, and very, very thin in places. I just assumed it was meant to be that way.