Monday, November 26, 2007

How about an Autumn Rose Tam?

I have been pondering how to make an Autumn Rose Tam. I have to knit my sweater first but since that is on hold in favor of Christmas Knitting, I have been thinking about an Autumn Rose tam a lot. So, here's what I have so far.

The band done in Autumn Rose corrugated rib.
Increases done in the triangular pattern between the medallions.
A band of the Sunrise/Madder pattern that is between the medallion bands.
The Center done in one giant Autumn Rose Medallion with decreases in the background color to maintain the gold frames.

I have been hunting hi and lo for a stitch marker for the top. I think a gold one with fall colored beads but it would really make my day to find one with a little leaf on the end.

As for my progress, I did start a sleeve which is doubling as my swatch. I did allow myself a little time to work on this because I think I am ahead of schedule for the gift knitting. I am knitting the smallest size based on Anne's recommendation about negative ease. When I checked my gauge, I was off, 32 and 34. I was using 3.25 bamboo needles because I am a tight knitter. I ripped but now I have to think about what to do about the needles. Do I use size 3 metal needles or go down to size 2? Frankly, the clover bamboo I was using, not a fan. There was too much memory in the cable and I felt I was constantly fighting with them but that may simply be because I like the 2 circ method. Oh, well. I guess you can never have too many needles.

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