Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally blogging the finale

I actually managed to finish my Autumn Rose before the end of 2007 (just barely!) but because I've been at half-speed lately, I didn't get round to telling you guys about it before now (sorry).

All in all, I'm really pleased with it. Not only does it fit, I'm happy with the evenness of my knitting, it forced me to learn how to steek (!!!), and I can now say that I've actually knit and finished a sweater!

The only thing I'm not pleased with is the fit around the shoulder area. I assume has more to do with my body shape than the pattern itself; it's as though I have too much fabric in the shoulder area so unless blocked rigorously, the shoulders puff out slightly at the front between the neckband and the arm. Maybe I need a set-in sleeve shape, or less ease above the bust line?

This has been the most fun I've ever had knitting, and apart from the weaving in of 15 billion yarn ends, I enjoyed every second of it. Yes, even the parts where I had to rip back to the armholes.

I had so much fun that if I can figure out how to adapt the pattern to fit my shoulder area better I will certainly be making another one, albeit in a colour scheme of my own devising.

Long-winded details are on my blog along with a few more pictures.


litlemouse said...

It looks lovely! Well done on surviving the steeks!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! It might not be your body though..I have the same issue with the shoulder area.

Skimo said...

Really nice,

You're not the only one with the shoulder problem!
Blocking help, and as I did the cowl three times, I hadn't the problem anymore with a looser cowl.

Leah M said...

Interesting. I haven't gotten to the joining part of mine but I wonder if the armscye shaping needs to be adjusted. It may also be the wide neck opening. I rather think your sweater is beautiful as it is. I hope mine will turn out as nice. Your pictures finally gave me the inspiration to get back to this project.

Smuddpie said...

Very nice work. Do I understand that this is your first sweater? You are brave! I keep bumping all sorts of "little" projects in front of this sweater, but you are motivating me.

On the armscye, do you mean the little fold that you have just above the bust to the armpit? Now I see that it looks like maybe the model has a bit of excess too - there's a line in the same area on her left arm. Perhaps the armscye is not quite deep enough? Anybody out there more knowledgeable about this? I'll have to dig out one of my old pattern drafting books.

Leah M said...

Here is my crazy idea. I think this sweater needs a bust dart. Specifically, one that removes the excess fabric at the underarm. I think I would essentially have to do a short-row dart that removes some of the medallion pattern at the point were the sleeves join the sweater so that I don't change the size and shape of the armscye. The problem is that I have no idea how to do that.