Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hello from a Kiwi in Scotland

Hi, I'm smitten with Autumn Rose like the rest of you. Thank you to Bryna and Jenn for responding so nicely to my garbled email asking to join - I'd seen the adverts in IK, but only just got the book and seen Autumn Rose in full glory so was somewhat beyond speech and probably not making a lot of sense with all the excitement. I am now happily trying to choose colours as although Eunny chose some gorgeous hues they won't suit my colouring (I am aiming more for a Winter Rose I guess), now back to the yarn cards to do justice to this project - just wanted to say hello. Normally I live over at Knitonlybutalso .

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Knittings Nice! said...

Oh Oh where did you get the book from am in the UK myself...ordered it from Scottish Fibres and got a mial saying don't know when they'll get it in stock...So phoned Jamiesons and they said end September. So want to do this...its gorgeous. Will be interested to see what colurs you go for.