Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Now it really begins

I've knitted the first few rows of my Autumn Rose (beyond the ribbing, that is) and am going to have to put in some stitch markers. Every time I knit to the center point and then turn around and go back on the chart I get lost, reading the chart left to right. At least with stitch markers I'd be able to figure out where I am a little faster!

And yes, I'm well aware that I could take my excel sheet of the 1/4 and duplicate the other half . . . that, apparently, is too sensible. Although, speaking of my Excel chart--if you, like me, are having trouble with the dark squares being the light yarn and the light squares being the dark yarn, I've just changed it on the chart . . . It was driving me nuts.

Oh, and the "seam stitches" . . . The design has a faux seam stitch at the sides, which I think is a lovely touch, except they're made in the background color, which I carry in my right hand, and marked by stitch markers on either side . . . having to slip the stitch marker, pull my right-hand yarn into the front to be able to do a single purl stitch, wrangle the yarn to the back again and then slip the second stitch marker . . . this is driving me a bit crazy. I'm not sure what I want to do about it. I don't think it would look right in the foreground color. I don't want to just knit the stitch. I could certainly ditch one of the stitch markers, but . . . still, for me at least--a Continental-style knitter--two-handed color work with purl stitches from the right hand just does not work! I certainly do know how to purl with my right hand, but the juggling of both colors is frustrating. Not to mention throwing off my gauge and making the "seams" look sloppy. Clearly, I need to come up with a solution fast.... Suggestions? Commiserations?

Meanwhile, plugging onward...

--Deb in NJ

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