Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My colors

Since so many people have asked I took the time to make a little chart of the colors I'm using for my Autumn Rose. I used a mixture of Knit Picks Palette and Digit Yarn. They are marked on the picture below. Sorry to say that it's not all cheap KP yarn but it is almost half and the main color (which you need the most of) is KP yarn. I tried a few swatches with just KP yarn but none of them were exactly what I was looking for. Hope this helps someone!

my colors copy

This is how I replaced the colors:

Shetland black = KP Black
Old Gold = KP Bark
Sunrise = Digit Lapis
Madder = Digit Bayberry
Pine Forest = KP Navy
Bracken = Digit Walnut
Admiral Navy = KP Marine Heather
Pistachio = Digit Brindle
Peat = Digit Indigo
Yellow Ochre = Digit Hickory
Scotch Broom = Digit Sagebrush

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juliet said...

Oh those colours are so pretty - you have a real talent for picking them so they look good together. I have now got my book and the shades I chose so am going to swatch this weekend