Monday, October 8, 2007


Thanks for all the nice comments. I was so excited that the sweater was done that I forgot to mention the details. I used the suggested yarn and a 3.25 mm needle. I knit smallest size and my only modifications were to the neckline.

I wanted something not quite so plunging so I started the neck shaping 18 rows later than written. I didn't change the shaping, just the starting point. The way it worked out I started my neck steek at the same time I attached the sleeves. Because I had fewer neck stitches I picked up 232 stitches for the neckband. It seems to lay pretty flat, thank the knitting goddess.

Once the weather returns to normal and cools down, I'll take some more pictures. 30 degrees C is too hot to wear a fair isle wool sweater for long, though it does give insight to where the term "sweater" comes from.


Anonymous said...

I really like the higher neckline -- great job!

RickiLynn said...

Thanks for the details. I'm petite - very shortwaisted with sloping shoulders and suspect that the original neckline will gap on me. I will definitely come back to your post when I start mine!

Leah M said...

Thanks for the info on your neckline modification. I'm very tempted, especially since it displays more of that gorgeous fair-isle band.

sitsipknit said...

Fantastic job Jenny:) Your mods seem to work really well, you won't have to wear anything underneath it. Oh my, it's still pretty warm where you are.