Saturday, December 1, 2007

Another one?


My Autumn Rose is finished, and after wearing it a few days, I have to say that I love it. To me the yarn is not to itchy.

But I was so impatient to wear it, that I didn't take the time to block it.
I realise that the shoulders are puffing out in the front. I hope that blocking will help!

I had a lot of fun knitting violet and white mitts and hat adapting the autumn rose pattern.

As I have a lot of yarn left I thought I could knit another Autumn Rose pullover as a gift.
I was considering a violet variation, here is a swatch :

And here a reconstruction of what the pattern would look like :

Now the problem will be to find the good shades of violet in shetland spindrift.
I was considering Aubretia, Loganberry heather mix and Clover or Violet and Anemone.
It's hard to choose without seeing the yarn...
And I am not sure for the yellow row, cream could be a better choice.

Advices are wellcome!


Cheryl said...

Your hat and mitts look great! I also like the violet variation. Whoever gets thas as a gift would be really lucky :)

Diane said...

Love the new colourway! If J&S don't have the right violet you could maybe add in some Jamieson's jumperweight as it's pretty much the same (I think).

Skimo said...

"Autumn violet" will be a present for my mum fiftyest birthday (quite a special one).

I ordered jamieson spindrift and a shade card. I hope the violet shades I have chosen will fit.

I had a look at Jamieson's jumperweight but the color wasn't that different from Shetland Spindrift.
But yesterday I saw violet shades of Harrisville yarn and they were a lot closer to what I was thinking about.
It's my last option if I am not happy in real with violet shades of spindrift...

We will see in a few days, cross my fingers :o)