Saturday, December 1, 2007

Casting on the steek stitches

I have reached the 10th increase round (size 39)of the body. Stitches for the steek are cast on at this point but I am a little confused because it seems like if I do the instructions as written the center of the neckline will be off??? (I am sure I am reading this wrong but I can't seem to figure out what I'm reading into it. Hopefully the wine isn't affecting my judgement.)

Could someone elaborate/reassure me on the instructions here? They are as follows: "begin working front neck shaping on same round as 10th inc round by slipping the center 31 sts of front to holder. Place marker on left hand needle, co10steek sts, place marker and continue chart as set."

To me it seems like the CO steek sts should be the center of the neck and if I CO AFTER the center 31 sts that would make them off center. I'm also unsure of how to treat the center sts on the holder? Am I to work in pattern across the 31 sts then place them on the holder? What do I do when I come to them on the next round?

I'm so glad you guys started this KAL. I'm hoping you can get me through my first fair isle project! It has been a real godsend so far!


Anonymous said...

Look at the chart -- knit the round as usual -- when you get to the centre front area -- you take th centre front 31 sts -- so on the chart - 15 stitches, the centre stitch and 15 stitches on the way back on the front of the chart. Put those stitches on a holder, then cast on the 10 steek stitches, with markers placed on either side to designate the steek sts and finish knitting your round.

Combine what's written with what you see on the chart - you'll be ok.

Cheryl said...

Tanks Anne! I found a picture at chappysmom's blog and it makes much more sense now that I see it.

I kept thinking the sts on the holder were going to be a problem when I came back around but now that I see just to ignore them.