Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mods, mods, mods

One concern I have for this sweater is length. I prefer top down construction because it is rather easy to adjust for such things. Personally, I like my sweaters a little long in the body (no bared mid-riffs for me, please) and since I have a long torso, I frequently find most of my commercially made sweaters a a bit shorter than I would like. So my question for the KAL is this:

Could I do a provisional cast-on for the body then add the corrugated ribbing last in case I need to add length to the sweater? Specifically, would anyone notice if my stitches change direction?



Cheryl said...

I have to correct a mistake on my sleeve and I plan to take out a black row, reknit it and then graft the two together so that the sts are not off. However, if you're just leaving the ribbing I can't imagine it would be noticible that the sts change direction.

You may have an interest in this post: http://knitsnthings.wordpress.com/2007/10/27/autumn-rose-is-finished/ she added an extra repeat to make it longer.

Anonymous said...

I've been persusing Japanese knitting books and a lot of those designs do provisional cast on and finish the rib at the end by picking up the stitches and knitting down -- so why not?

Skimo said...

I have done the 43' size, and honestly with one more skein of madder, sunrise and old gold, I could have done at least one more repeat one the waist and one more on the sleeves.

I was wondering if it's possible in general to add length afterwards by casting on stiches trough one row, knitting one repeat, attaching it two row above and cutting in between.

Honestly, I am not brave enough to try on mine ;o)